Mainframes have anchored industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and the public sector for decades. All of these industries require heavy-duty, low-latency transaction processing. Mainframes are designed to provide mission-critical applications with high availability, where downtime would be extremely costly or simply unacceptable.

Large-scale enterprise migrations have typically taken an average of 18 months or as many as five years. Given the scale and complexity of such projects, the market has been slower to adopt these automated migration tools than expected. Lack of awareness and a shortage of qualified experts has also held back adoption. In migrating mainframe applications to the cloud, organizations seek better access to the data captured in these legacy systems.

Our Industry experts from Heirlooms and Royal Cyber, they will discuss how the new technologies have lowered the barriers to mainframe modernization and deliver several key benefits, including cost reduction, business agility, and unlocking new AI application capabilities.

Discussion Topics:

Need for Modernization
Migration Goals
Migration Approach
Online Mainframe App to Cloud
Use Case
Question & Answer Session
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