Transform Legacy Applications to Become Future-ready!

Many companies are trying to move their legacy applications, but only a few are using them strategically to achieve true business transformation. Mainframe migration from Source Code Management (SCM) systems is no easy task. Migrating to Git can disrupt the existing workflow and make it very difficult for developers, most organizations don’t plan for it carefully. But it is a manageable process that creates huge opportunities for improved productivity if planned well.

Migrating mainframe legacy code to a product like Git is a huge transformation from the process, workflow, commands, and interface. Royal Cyber has helped migrate many customers from mainframe SCM to GitHub. Today, CIOs and IT departments are at the forefront of innovation in their organizations.

In this webcast, where our Enterprise Modernization expert will discuss the steps for a successful migration. In this session, learn how effective our solution migrates the assets from Endevor to distributed GitHub with enterprise modernization goals. We help you stay on top of legacy modernization trends with a platform with all the tools in one place. Don’t miss this exclusive conversation!

Discussion Topics:

Steps for a Successful Mainframe Migration
Evaluate Current Tools and Processes
Migration Validation
Q & A
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