Discover the Ideal Unified Way to Add Value to your Organization’s Data

Despite large amounts of data available, businesses struggle due to disconnected, fragmented, inaccurate, and incomplete data sets, making it difficult to get a contextual understanding of the information. While functional applications aim to provide better datasets and a complete 360-degree view, these applications focus on user interfaces and utilize databases to store and not manage data.

To bridge this gap, Royal Cyber has developed a solution – InView that is hosted on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM application. It helps to analyze, manage, and display the data in the dashboard without manual and human interventions – thus avoiding any data mishandling costs.

Join us this webinar and gain insights on:

Introduction to InView for Salesforce
Importance of Channel Visibility
Benefits of InView for Salesforce
Application of InView for Salesforce across Industries
Connected Data Sources and Dashboards
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