Royal Cyber is offering a hands-on training program on approach to headless commerce using AEM 6.5 and Magento 2.3, with a focus on core OOTB features of AEM and Magento along with GraphQL and open APIs. Designed by real-time Adobe experts, the training program aims to enhance your skills and provide comprehensive knowledge on how to deliver an eCommerce store from scratch.

Course Agenda:
  • Introduction to Magento 2 Architecture and Configuration
  • Setting up Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Environment
  • Request Flow Processing in Magento
  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.5: Create and Use Templates to Build a Page
  • Introduction to Magento Frontend and Admin Overview
  • Content Fragments and Content Fragments Model
  • Magento API’s Overview and GraphQL Introduction
  • AEM Templates, Page Building, Components Addition, and Policy Rendering
  • Configuring AEM core components with Magento
  • Catalogue Management and Website Publishing

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to Training
Training Program Pre-Requisites
Objectives & Detailed Overview of Training Units
Key Benefits
Royal Cyber – Training Expertise
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