HCL Commerce V9.1 comes with a new, powerful and fully integrated search function, one that is highly flexible and extensible. Stores can use the search engine’s most sophisticated feature without requiring extra customization. Starting with version 9.1, Data Platform microservices manage indexing and other crucial tasks, with no performance impact on the storefront or transaction server.

The HCL Commerce solution architecture based on Elasticsearch allows more agility by separating the components into individual servers and moving away from old and monolithic technologies. Improving the ability to understand the customers’ natural language, reduce the time for catalog updates, and ease the difficulty of adding custom data to search, a crucial feature for the platform that helps to match the growing customer search expectations.

Elasticsearch is a search platform that ensures reliable and secure search along with data visualization and analysis. Written in Java and built on Apache Lucene, it has simple REST API, is scalable, fast, resilient, and agile.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to HCL Commerce V9.1.10
Overview of the Elasticsearch Architecture
Comparison of HCL Commerce V9.1.10 with Solr vs. Elasticsearch
Features and Benefits of Data Service Components
Demo: HCL Commerce V9.1.10 with Elasticsearch using Docker-Compose
Question & Answer Session
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