The current COVID-19 situation has brought about significant changes in the online/mobile industry. Currently, online shopping is at its peak, with many companies seeing twice as much as an increase in online sales. According to the data analyzed by Price Spider, sales were up early this year. As a matter of fact, eCommerce sites experienced traffic surpassing last year’s Black Friday every day of the month. The number for sales is only going to increase while social distancing becomes an essential part of our lives.

With that thought in mind, ecommerce today is a vital aspect for any business. The best part is that if you do not have a mobile ecommerce app, We at Royal Cyber can help you bring your ecommerce platform to a mobile audience.

Through our Cybershop mobile commerce platform (A revolutionary app platform), we can easily connect with most enterprise ecommerce platforms such as HCL commerce, SAP Hybris, and Magento and integrates with all popular payment gateways.

Discussion Topics:

Greater Interactivity with your Customers
Real Time Analysis
Increased Brand Engagement
How we can reduce the time to market
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