The current COVID-19 situation has brought about significant changes in the online/mobile industry. Currently, online shopping is at its peak, with many companies seeing twice as much as an increase in online sales.

B2B businesses are often faced with challenges that are quite different from B2C businesses such as customer-specific pricing, incredibly tight delivery schedules and multiple brands.

Royal Cyber offers a comprehensive B2B mobile application that overs all aspects of B2B business. Customers can place an express order which can be delivered in the next 60 minutes. The app allows the customers to manage the team with different permissions, multiple trade accounts, real-time tracking of deliveries, and also capable of capturing the information from externals systems.

Discussion Topics:

Fletcher Building – Key Business Goals, Challenges, and Expectations
Create Modern, Engaging Customer Experiences
Getting Ahead of The Competition with Royal Cyber
Mobile App Demo
How to Effectively reach B2B Mobile Buyer
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