Online shopping is growing year after year, the pandemic itself has seen a huge climb in the numbers. Currently $43 Billion is being spent in Online Shopping every quarter, but the real question is how much of that share has your business received over the years?

This is where e-commerce monetization becomes so important and quite factually it is one of the biggest challenges most companies face. These problems can range from the simplest being UI & UX where most companies fail to provide a good experience to their users and most of the time neglect the very small bits in design that make a huge difference. Performance is another aspect that falls within this range since an underperforming app is never going to result into a sale.

In addition, it is important to know industry best practices, how to handle customer support in the best way, how to avoid cart abandonment which is at 63% currently, and most importantly how to manage the analytics driven by the app. Join us at this free webinar to uncover the facts on what can be termed as the best monetization strategy for your e-commerce app.

Discussion Topics:

Learn how UI/UX can help with Monetization
How app performance can be kept in check
Discover Industry best practices and strategies
Learn how to mitigate results driven through analytics
Learn how to manage customer support and prevent cart abandonment
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