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Industry experts are quickly realizing traditional web analytics are not enough when it comes to optimizing websites and digital marketing ROI. While web analytics on their own provide the “what” they cannot typically supply the “why.” Only by combining quantitative metrics with qualitative insights are marketers and analysts able to fully complete the digital analytics eco-system, gaining more accurate conclusions and speed towards increasing ROI.

In this webcast, Royal Cyber Customer Experience Analyst will discuss how Royal Cyber has committed to providing their customers with an optimal experience. Gain actionable insights to improve conversion rates, optimize page flows and enhance campaign performance.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  •  Numerical data is important, but it only satisfies your number based inquiries. Qualitative analytics will tell you the “why” and not only the “what.” With it, you can understand why those users are quitting.
  • Best practices and case studies of combining web analytics and customer experience management.
  • The impact of online behavior on your brand.
  • How customer experience management can improve the way you do business across multiple channels.
  • Ultimately, you’ll create a more meaningful online experience for users and better serve your customers.