Assisting Organizations to Monitor their Website Effectively

Proactive monitoring and alerting play a vital role in detecting a site’s problem. Delays in identifying the issues cause businesses a loss of customers, orders, and eventually revenue.

Standard monitoring tools provide typical dashboards and alerts that are common for all kind of applications and domains. However, each application has domain specific, business specific, and customer specific functionalities that requires customized monitoring processes to track them effectively.

While the standard tools include metrics focused on hardware utilizations such as CPU/Memory, Royal Cyber’s customized dashboards and alerts will focus on application functionalities, errors and traffic. This includes dashboards and alerts for various service calls based on their functionalities, application specific exceptions and errors, workflows of the pages and much more.

By combining standard tools with Royal Cyber’s customized dashboards and alerts, we provide a 360-degree view of the monitoring process. With this process, our team has helped customers improve their application and thereby increase their revenue.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to Royal Cyber’s Managed Services
Features offered by Standard Monitoring Tools
Benefits of Customized Dashboards and Alerts
Sample of Customized Dashboards and Alerts Implemented
Issues Uncovered by Customized Monitoring Process
Daily reports based on customized dashboards
Question & Answer Session
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