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Quick Feedback with Continuous Delivery in Agile

Enterprises today need smart and agile solutions to succeed. Royal Cyber is focusing on DevOps solutions for Enterprise Systems with emphasis on agile Enterprise modernization tools to help your business grow and scale up to the demands of your customers.

In this webinar you can learn about IBM UrbanCode Deploy along with different features to enable efficient solution building for your core deployment team. We will share and collaborate our vision for continuous deployment with all participants and show you live demonstrations of the tools.


Getting Started – UrbanCode Deploy

  • Discussing Customer Problems and role of UrbanCode Deploy
  • Workflow of a Project
  • Key Concepts of UrbanCode Deploy
  • Organize Resources and Deploy to Environments

This webinar will enable you to work with basic applications in UrbanCode for initial projects and pilots in your shop. Royal Cyber is at your door step to get you started. If you are new to deployment, then there may be a slight learning with the automation but it is going to save a lot of time. Start your research, get started here.