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Increase Conversions with Omnichannel Customer Experiences!

In today’s world, companies are looking for end-to-end solutions from Order Capture to Order Fulfilment. Unfortunately, not all e-commerce solutions provide the necessary features to maximize conversions. Luckily, SAP ECC and SAP Commerce Cloud provide these solutions Out-of-the-Box.

Exchange data, optimize processes and harness robust functionality features. SAP Commerce Integration with SAP ECC provides your organization’s storefront with the enhanced omni-channel capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud and the added back-end solutions offered by SAP.

Benefits of ERP Central Component (ECC):

  • Increase productivity
  • Better inventory management
  • Promotes quality
  • Effective HR management

In this webcast, you’ll learn about the framework for connecting SAP Commerce’s Omni-commerce capabilities with SAP products. Watch now to learn:

  • SAP applications integration with SAP hybris commerce
  • How to optimize processes
  • How to maximize system performance
  • Seamless customer experience with exceptional delivery