Headless front-ends oversee and orchestrate the user-side of eCommerce experiences. They can be described as progressive tech ecosystems that connect all the components to the digital storefront and ensure its proper and efficient operation.

Nuxt.js is an open-source framework built on Vue.js for a robust and seamless headless eCommerce application, it is essentially the Vue.js version of Next.js. It can generate sites statically but is also capable of server-side rendering to create dynamic content. If you’re looking for a front-end framework and have already adopted Vue but want to leverage the performance benefits of a static site generation, then Nuxt is the ideal choice.

In this Webcast gain insights into a real-time case study of how a leading steel manufacturer partnered with Royal Cyber to deliver a useful digital experience for steel buyers using a headless eCommerce front end.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to Nuxt.js
Overview of Nuxt.js
Case Study: Client Migration from Vue.js to Nuxt.js
Features and Benefits of the Migration
Royal Cyber UI Offerings
Question & Answer Session
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