Modernize Applications Running on VMs Using Migrate for Anthos

The key obstacle in modernizing applications is migrating legacy applications. Manual application modernization is costly in terms of human resources and money. With Anthos, organizations can circumvent these challenges and move towards modern cloud-native applications by utilizing the following advantages:

  • Easy path to creating containers for legacy applications
  • Customizing application migration journey as per business and IT needs
  • Accelerate operations with CI/CD pipelines, image-based management, and desired-state configurations

With Migrate for Anthos, companies can intelligently extract data and place those elements within containers without VM layers, thus, putting aside the worry of re-architecting applications. In addition, with a service like Anthos, companies can have a central configuration management system that helps you manage workloads from a single point of reference and avoid vendor lock-in. Join our webinar to learn more from our experts, tackle all these challenges, and more!

Discussion Topics:

The Importance & Challenges of Modernizing Applications to run on Containers.
Technical Analysis & Capabilities of Migrate for Anthos.
Migrate application running on Compute Engine using Migrate for Anthos.
Understanding service mesh and central configuration management capabilities for the multi-cloud.
Q&A Session.
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