Streamline the Mobile DevOps Process

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) has quickly become a key component of the mobile DevOps process. By saving up to 20% of development time, mobile app teams can now streamline the process and save costs.

Traditionally, mobile app development teams release their apps manually, handing them off from one team to the next. This takes up more time and is less effective when it comes to feedback, bug fixing, and improvement.

By using CI/CD in the process, mobile app teams benefit from improved communication, automated builds, automated shipping and server maintenance.

In this webcast, we discuss these benefits, industry best practices, managing multiple builds, setting up the automation process for your mobile application, and more.

Discussion Topics:

What are the various CI/CD tools available for Mobile app development
How does CI/CD add value in app development cycle
What are the various stages of CI/CD oriented app development?
How to setup basic pipeline for mobile app distribution
How to add Sonar Cloud code quality check in your CI/CD pipeline
How to create branching strategy for release management
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