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In this digital-first world, products & services should be fast, granular, and connected with customers. API creation and adoption are having a spark in the recent years. As per the recent research there are nearly 19,000 public and nearly 94% of companies are developing an API strategy or planning to adopt one. APIs are seen as an enterprise necessity.

But the opinion is that they are technological tools which are only intended for IT to use and develop. That vision is very shortsighted, when it is created and developed with larger business strategies and applicable to business outcomes, APIs can increase profits at a very significant rate.

The result of any digital platform can be measured by various metrics, which includes increased customer adoption, network effects, revenue, and profit hikes.

In This Webcast You Will Learn:

Why enterprises need APIs and API strategy models
The impact of API adoption and complementary investments on enterprise performance and revenue growth, based on new research
About an “owner’s manual” for creating a platform marketplace, revealing the strategies behind some of today’s rising platforms