Defining & Strategizing Content for Improved Marketing & CX

Do you have a streamlined process for developing exclusive content for each of your customers? Well, if you don’t have one, consider implementing it.

Using Adobe AEM as a headless CMS, content can be delivered independent of the presentation layer to multiple channels including website, mobile, IoT etc., and the content elements can be managed, removed, and reused without impacting the final content rendering. Content Fragment and Experience Fragment allow content authors to reuse content across channels.

Adobe AEM’s SPA Editor provides the ability to edit content for a Single Page Application that is fast, engaging, and editable, helping to improve content scaling. For a content author, content creation using a SPA editor is seamless within AEM and has the same editing features, ensuring higher security, faster time to market, easier scalability, and improved ROI.

Discussion Topics:

Experience Fragment
SPA Architecture
SPA Usage & Advantage
Adobe AEM SPA Demo
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