As a leading ServiceNow partner, we have a deep understanding of the challenges associated with connecting the ServiceNow Platform to external systems and technologies, such as AI and data analytics, within enterprise IT infrastructure. Keeping this in mind, our team of ServiceNow experts has introduced the Integration Wizard—a powerful tool designed to automate your integration process, significantly reducing your ServiceNow integration efforts by up to 95%!

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ServiceNow Integration Wizard

Integration Wizard
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Integration Wizard

Unlock Seamless ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Platform Integration Framework

Integration Wizard, aka, Global Integration Framework (GIF), is a custom application developed by Royal Cyber that provides a user-friendly platform for businesses to integrate various third-party tools and systems with the ServiceNow platform. With Integration Wizard, companies can automate and simplify the integration process, reducing the workload and complexity for customers.

ServiceNow Platform Integration Framework

Reduce ServiceNow Integration Effort by 95%

Integration Wizard Features

Compatible with all API based Third Party Tools

Automated Request and Response Parameters

Retrieve, Insert, and Update ServiceNow Data

Multi-Request Support

Access to catalog APIs

Configurable Performance

Enhanced, Granular Security

One-Stop Integration Solution

How Companies can Benefit from Integration Wizard

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Easy, One-time Setup

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User-friendly, UI-based tool


Improved Visibility and Transparency

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High Data Scalability

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Reduced Development and Debugging Effort

Where Businesses Can Utilize Integration Wizard

Integration Wizard Use Cases

Customized Reporting

  • Flexibility in Report Formatting and Presentation
  • Custom Templates, Corporate Branding
  • Specific Business Needs

Cross-System Reporting

  • Master Dashboard for Multi-systems Reports
  • Comprehensive View of Business Operations

Improved Collaboration

  • Sharing and Commenting on Reports
  • Business and Technical Team Collaboration

Large-Scale Data Visualization

  • Leverage Niche Tools (D3.js, Google Charts)
  • Advanced Visualization Options
  • Interactive Graphics and Animations

Advanced Data Analytics

Power BI

Power BI

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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