Mule monthly release for the month of June 2023 includes several connectors for widely adopted technologies such as Amazon S3 Connector, FTPS Connector, NetSuite Connector, Mule Runtime Patch Engine Update for Runtime Fabric and CloudHub 2.0, EDIFACT EDI Connector, Box Connector, RosettaNet Connector, RPA Manager, WSS Module, Veeva Vault Connector, Amazon Lambda Connector, Redis Connector, Microsoft MSMQ Connector, Neo4j Connector, API Experience Hub, CloudHub, FTP Connector, FTPS Connector, Validation Module, APIkit for Mule 4, OAuth 2 Provider Module, Microsoft SharePoint Connector, Amazon RDS Connector, Intercom Connector, X12 EDI Connector, Java Module, AS2 Connector, Anypoint Flex Gateway, API Community Manager, Shopify Connector, Jira Connector, Gmail Connector, Tableau Connector, Mail chimp Connector, Anypoint MQ Connector, etc. The focus was to have connectors upgraded for the entire month. The commitment shows the maturity, stability, and strength of the product.

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