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Workloads of services’ teams have increased. They spend 60 percent of their time carrying out routine tasks. The businesses need automation and AI-powered solution that can handle all the low-level administrative work.

Many organizations feel call centers and IT help desks can resolve issues such as colossal work backlogs, lower productivity, escalations, and poor performance against agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). However, they don’t understand that there is no need to invest hugely and instead adopt a modern IT service management solution that can handle routine tasks with changing customer expectations.

These solutions have AI-powered chatbots that can take up manual, labor-intensive tasks and free employees time for strategic activities.

One such solution is ServiceNow with an in-built conversational bot—Virtual Agent—that offers a conversational enterprise experience to customers. It uses intelligent automation, predictive intelligence, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to improve employee and customer experience. Virtual Agent also offers a customizable chatbot interface and automatically resolves common requests that involve a lot of manual work for the teams.

This whitepaper discusses the six pros of ServiceNow Virtual Agent

Pro #1: Obtain conversational analytics

Pro #2: Drive down costs

Pro #3: Deliver superior customer experience

Pro #4: Provide anytime, anywhere service

Pro #5: Enable self-service

Pro #6: Collaboration between IT Service team and Virtual Agent

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