sap middleware management

SAP Cloud Platform Integration making cloud integration simple and reliable. Providing core run-time for processing, transformation, and routing of messages to be exchanged between the involved customer systems. CPI is the strategic integration platform for SAP Cloud customers.

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SAP CPI (Middleware Management)

SAP CPI (Middleware Management)

SAP Cloud Platform Integration making cloud integration simple & reliable!

SAP CPI Features

CPI Tenants & Prepackaged content

The SAAS Cloud Integration platform is fragmented into different tenants.

Connectivity (Adapters)

SAP Cloud Platform Integration provides out of the box adapters to the tenant, this is to specify which technical protocols should be used to connect a sender or a receiver.

Secure and reliable

Use our core integration and security capabilities for safe and reliable processing and data integration.

Public OData APIs

The OData Provisioning feature in CPI is designed for today’s increasing demand to consume data from various data sources in a simple and standard way.

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