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About the Client

Our client is a software company in the USA that has developed a SaaS-based CSPM tool that clients can plug and play within their cloud environments to secure their cyber assets and avoid compliance risks. By collaborating with the client’s team, our team was able to build an application from the ground up that could scan cloud accounts and provide visibility to resources and potential vulnerabilities.

Business Challenges

Creating an application that can provide security and compliance reports to each subscriber.
Creating interactive, user-friendly dashboards to provide visibility on cloud resources and compliance status.
Bridge the gap between infrastructure managers and cybersecurity personnel

Business Solution

Cloud SQL/ Firestore was used to create the database
Reduced development time with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services like Cloud Functions
Increased application scalability and reliability
Ensured real-time response to customer requests for reports

Key Outcomes


Increase in User Base

Centralized Dashboard

for Improved Visibility


Strategy Adopted for Customer Accounts


SaaS-based CSPM Application

Our Customers Enjoy Our Process

CTO Profile Img

Royal Cyber Google Cloud Platform (GCP) team was able to effortlessly collaborate with us and help deliver the best version of the tool possible. They leveraged Google Cloud Platform (GCP) capabilities without losing sight of our business and client requirements.


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