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About the Client

The client is a global real estate investment company worth over $50bn in assets. Founded in 1996, they now have ten offices worldwide and actively participate in critical segments of the global real estate property and capital markets. The client needed RPA for creating essential presentations and factsheets for documentation and business meetings.

Business Challenges

Creating factsheets and presentations was a tedious manual process.
The client needed data integration with the IPs and FSs.
The employees were expected to produce high amounts of work in a very short span of time.
The client experienced difficulty maintaining proper access control and transparency throughout the process.

Business Solution

Our team created an RPA bot for end-to-end automation of the asset creation process.
With RPA, the client created access only allows superusers to edit.
The RPA task management solution could be utilized on the client’s personal cloud or an automation cloud service.

Key Outcomes


Increase in ROI


Increase in Employee Productivity


Decrease in Data Entry Errors

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