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About the Client

The client is a renowned supplier of high-quality interior design that focuses on creating captivating and functional interior spaces for retail stores. They are involved with careful planning of layouts, branding, visual merchandising, lighting, materials, and technology integration. With an unwavering commitment to customer service and a passion for inspiring creativity, the client is a trusted partner for innovators across the globe.

Business Challenges

The client was looking to adopt an engaging environment to attract customers.
They wanted to offer seamless order journeys for their customers.
Dissatisfied with pre-existing platform’s built-in Order Fulfilment experience.

Business Solution

Strategically implemented some of the important features of SF Lightning Order Management System as the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) including other relevant deliverables
Applied industry-standard best practices establishing a connection with Salesforce Order Management System to import orders to SF LOMS, using platform events
Using flow builders, we created Order Summary flows upon order activation within SF LOMS
Implemented Stripe as a payment method to capture payments and enable refunds for cancelled orders

Key Outcomes


Customer Satisfaction


Order Processing and Fulfilment


Order Fulfillment


End-to-End Customer Experiences


Inventory Management


Real-Time Order Tracking

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