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SAP Commerce


Australia & New Zealand

About the Client

The client specializes in supplying laminates for benchtops, kitchens, and bathrooms to markets in Australia and New Zealand. It is a subsidiary of a large company with approximately 30 construction-related brands that supply building materials, plywood, steel, and much more.

The client did not sell to retail customers directly and wanted to offer a product locator service to distributors, designers, and fabricators.

Business Challenges

The existing Locator Tool failed to serve customers effectively
Offered limited visibility to search for project-related professionals
Deprived customers to explore more options using filters and data
Dissatisfied customers

Business Solution

Implemented Locator Tool with the See & Buy functionality
Allowed customers to select an appropriate professional for the project using filters
Gave better choices to customers
Allowed customers to solve their problems with self-help

Key Outcomes


Customer Satisfaction


Complaints and Requests

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