About the Client

The client is an American instrumentation company headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, with its main factory in Bridgeport, New Jersey. It has sales offices in the UK, Canada, Germany, China, Brazil, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Mexico. Dealing with Sensing and process control experts that help connect challenges to solutions with products in temperature, pressure, flow and level, data acquisition and more.

Business Challenges

Onboarding new developers taking long time due to the difficulty in setting up local environment
Newly developed code having many defects in server environment, but working well in local environment
Inability to perform inter-system testing in local environment.
Inability to troubleshoot performance issues in local environment

Business Solution

Dockerization of local environment with Hybris, Mysql DB, Solr, and CIS server with data exported from production
DockerHub to maintain Docker images
Confluence page with steps to setup local environment from Docker Images

Key Outcomes

Easy and quick

Onboarding of new developers


Ability to do inter system testing from local environment


Code quality with fewer defects in server environment


Ability to troubleshoot performance issues in local environment

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