Water Utility


Amazon Web Services



About the Client

The client is a US-based utility company operating in water and waste management with an annual revenue of 18.02 billion EUR and 89,000+ Employees. This company is USA’s second-largest company serving municipal clients, third-largest nationwide for water treatment and supply services, and third largest in environmental services with 450,000+ industrial & business customers and 77,000+ technological equipment.

Business Challenges

Optimize cloud infrastructure costs.
Enable advanced and additional monitoring for SSL renewal and expiry.
Implement a custom backup retention policy for EC2 and Database instances.
Set up alerts and remove unused storage volumes.
Scheduled start/stop of resources (non-production instances).

Business Solution

Utilized AWS Lambda to reduce costs.
Created a custom solution to monitor and alert for untagged resources.
Created a solution for removing unused storage volumes.
Implemented a solution to monitor and notify about URL downtime, SSL expiration, and renewal.

Key Outcomes


Cost Saving in the Non-Production Environment


Cost Savings in the Production Environment


Decrease in Manual Tagging


Monitoring Using Native Tools for Web Apps

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