Internship Program

Royal Cyber AR/VR

VR Development

The program would familiarise the interns with Unity basics before moving onto the more advanced concepts related to VR development in Unity. The course would focus on designing and creating a VR app for Android using Oculus Quest 2. The app developed can be used to provide people with First-Aid training. All the training provided would be accurate and can be used in real-life. Each session for the internship would last for 2-3 hours. After completing this internship, the internees would be provided with a completion certificate and $500 stipend.

Nurturing future talent: Royal Cyber Interns share their fulfilling experience!

Internship Program Agenda

Unity Setup & Getting Started (Week 01)

  • Unity Installation & understanding Unity User Interface, Unity scripting and setup
  • Character movement, rotation, scaling and Input handling (specific to VR)
  • Understanding Unity Physics engine, colliders setup, rigidbody component and collision events

App Building (Week 02)

  • In-game UI and dynamic object creation and manipulation
  • Working on Menus
  • Developing functionality specific to First-Aid toolkit

Finalising (Week 03)

  • Making a Tutorial
  • Integrating sounds
  • Environment Setup

Optimising (Week 04)

  • Testing and bug fixes
  • Optimisation
  • Final build and polish

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