IBM WebSphere Commerce (WCS) is now HCL Commerce

Being a premium partner of HCL, we have information about what will drive the HCL Commerce ahead and can assure you, echoing the promise of HCL that ‘business will be as usual’.


HCL has a very specific and precisely planned roadmap for Commerce, aiming to put out any ambiguity regarding the future of HCL Commerce post-acquisition.


With V7 reaching ‘end of life’ on Dec 30, 2021, HCL will invest all of its interest to better the customer experience by addressing the predominant issues.


HCL Plan for Commerce

Better Consumability with Intelligent Search:

provide improved, quicker, precise and reliable search results, promising better customer experience and improved consumability.

Modernization with Improved UI/UX:

Redesign UI/UX with prime focus to improve accuracy and usability. Embedded analysis and improved pricing and promotion resources adding value to the merchant and ensures a better customer journey.

Currency with ECO System Expansion:

Multi-cloud readiness, innovative store front model and improved B2B as well as B2C support expansion. Agile and cost effective multiple cloud support to improve customer acceptance.

Assures superior product experience by:

Accelerating Commerce
Addressing the ardent need of the hour
Continuous, tireless & result-oriented efforts
High responsiveness & zero tolerance for error
Assuring the clients are ahead of the competition

IBM WebSphere Commerce (WCS)
is now HCL Commerce

When the acquisition plans were announced in December 2018, it was an unexpected news, and the long silence that followed resulted in a lot of speculations about the future…

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