Speed, Flexibility & Efficiency with MongoDB 4.0

What's New in MongoDB 4.0

MongoDB has developed from being a niche database solution. MongoDB 4.0 is a major milestone in the evolution of MongoDB. MongoDB 4.0 will combine the speed, flexibility and the efficiency of document models which make MongoDB a great database to use, with the assurance of transactional integrity.

This new addition would give the database a more relational finish, and would suit large applications which have high data integrity needs. It has guaranteed that the support for multi-document transactions will not disturb the overall speed and performance of the unconnected workloads running concurrently.


New Features & Enhancement of MongoDB 4.0

Transactions Support

Snapshot Read Concern

Non-Blocking Secondary Reads

Extensions to Change Streams

Data Type Conversions

Improved Migrations Throughput

Improved Sharing Operations

Slow Query Logging on mongos

Hybrid Cursor Caching

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