IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience solutions give your business the visibility, insight, & answers needed to consistently deliver a seamless & rewarding web & mobile experience.

Key Features in IBM Tealeaf CX

Event Manager

Event Manager is a user-friendly tool in which you can manage all Tealeaf events.

Report Builder

With custom widgets to monitor report data, you can stay on top of trends, struggles and negative customer experiences.


Workspaces provide a convenient place to organize all relevant reports that track the KPIs most important to the business.

Session List

Session List offers a high-level view of a segment of sessions when drilling down from Workspace.

Session Search

Session Search is a powerful capability that allows you to find a collection of sessions or a session.

Session Replay

IBM Tealeaf CX provides session replay in a standard browser that shows a page-by-page replay of customer interactions on your site.

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