Integrating ChatGPT with SAP Commerce Cloud – The Ultimate Language Translator Extension


Integrating ChatGPT with SAP Commerce Cloud – The Ultimate Language Translator Extension

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Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

April 27, 2023

SAP Commerce Cloud and ChatGPT are two powerful technologies businesses can use to improve customer experiences and streamline operations. While they serve different purposes, they can be integrated to provide several exceptional benefits. For example, businesses can use ChatGPT to power a chatbot on their SAP Commerce Cloud platform, providing customers with automated customer service and support.

Royal Cyber’s Language Translator Extension

Our Language Translator extension uses ChatGPT OpenAI Translator API to translate localized attributes from English to other languages. This extension offers several features, including translating input files into multiple language files, inputting query items for specified languages, and translating SAP Commerce Item Model localized attributes into specified languages.

Advantages of Automating ChatGPT with SAP Commerce Cloud for Translations

Using Royal Cyber’s ChatGPT Translation API extension provides several advantages to customers, they include:

  • Eliminating the need for manual intervention by providing a completely automated translation process, saving businesses time and resources, and reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies in translations
  • Lowering the organization’s translation budget and turnaround time, providing cost savings and faster output times for translated content
  • Increasing the organization’s productivity by reducing the time and effort required for translations
  • Reducing dependency on third-party tools, as the translation API is integrated directly into SAP Commerce Cloud platform

By integrating ChatGPT Open AI with SAP Commerce Cloud and using Royal Cyber’s Language Translator extension, businesses can enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and reduce translation costs and turnaround times. This powerful combination of technologies provides a seamless and efficient solution for businesses looking to provide automated customer service and support while meeting customers’ needs in different languages and locations.

Representation of ChatGPT with SAP Commerce Cloud for Translations


Case 1: Translating data of input files into multiple language files

The user must maintain the required translation information in the “Key” and “EN” language columns of the spreadsheet. The same will be sent as a request via a Cron job.

The newly created Cron job retrieves EN translation existing for the keys in the spreadsheet and then calls the OpenAI of ChatGPT, which converts the required translations of the spreadsheet automatically. Finally, it sends them as a response, which is stored in the user’s required path.



Import Of Data
Key EN fr tr de Welcome


Converted Data
Key EN fr tr de Welcome Accueillir Ho? geldin Willkommen

Case 2: Translating data of input query items for specified languages

The cron job called “TranslateItemsCronJob” takes the two attributes below:

  • Query – Query to fetch the records that need to be translated
  • Languages – List of language ISO codes to translate the file

For example, any description and summary can be translated into the desired languages for the product models.


Case 3: Translating SAP Commerce Item Model localized attributes data into specified languages

To cater to this requirement, an “Action” button at the Item/Component/product level on the Backoffice has been provided.

Upon clicking the Action button, it triggers the OpenAI of ChatGPT and automatically converts the localized attributes into the required languages. The same is sent as a response and is updated on SAP Commerce Cloud.

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In conclusion, Royal Cyber’s Language Translator extension allows businesses to translate localized attributes in a completely automated process, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies in translation. This extension is invaluable for organizations looking to quickly and accurately translate their content into multiple languages. Reach out to us and discover how you can leverage this Language Translator to revolutionize localization.

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