Power Up Your Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns with SAP Emarsys

Power Up Your Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns with SAP Emarsys


Written by Poonam Chandersy

Technical Content Writer

August 7, 2023

Omnichannel marketing helps businesses engage with their audience, drive higher conversions, and grow revenue. Emarsys is a solution that helps marketers take their campaigns to the next level with intelligent automation and powerful segmentation capabilities. With its comprehensive set of features centered specifically on multichannel marketing success, Emarsys significantly boosts your integrated campaign efforts. Read on for more information about using this robust platform to optimize your omnichannel campaigns.

Emarsys is a customer engagement platform that enables users to automate personalized campaigns across channels based on consumer behaviour. It is designed in a powerful way using integrated data from various sources to give actionable use cases that deliver personalized messages to your customers regardless of the channel. It is fueled by marketer-friendly AI and allows marketers to use it without intervention by IT team. In addition, it has integrated omnichannel automation that allows you to reach out to your customers through the right channels at the right time. SAP Emarsys connects storefront data, eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, and marketing channels.

SAP Commerce Cloud integration with Emarsys facilitates data exchange between both systems. This integration is available for B2B accelerator and SAP Commerce Cloud 2105 and onwards. It offers real-time synchronization of customers, events, and products.

SAP has introduced a plugin to integrate SAP Commerce Cloud in a public cloud with SAP Emarsys. The plugin connects your store and automatically syncs customers, events, and products to Emarsys.

Creating a Connection between Emarsys and SAP Commerce Cloud

  1. Open SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform and SAP Commerce Cloud Backoffice in two separate tabs in your web browser.
  2. For SAP Emarsys Engagement: Navigate to Add-Ons > SAP Commerce Cloud Integration. For security reasons, an autogenerated username and password will be generated on each page load.
  1. For SAP Commerce Cloud, create an administrator user with Emarsys credentials by clicking User> Employees.
administrator-user blog
  1. Remove employee group membership and assign new user to admingroup in General Properties under Group.
  2. In the Emarsys platform, complete user creation by entering the URL for SAP Commerce’s backoffice public endpoint by removing ‘backoffice’ from its end. Click Test and Connect.
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Once SAP Commerce Cloud integration is enabled, check if your system complies with the add-on requirements.

The integration can be segregated into three main sections.

  • Contacts
  • Real-time Events
  • Products
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Let us look into more details about the integration and required setup.

Contact sync can be enabled by a toggle button so that customers who register on your storefront can also be replicated in SAP Emarsys. The field mapping between both systems can be viewed under show mapping button. To setup integration, you need the following:

  • Base Site
  • Consent Template
  • Consent Template Version

A consent template is used for opt-ins and opt-outs made by the customer and synchronized bidirectionally. Once the initial contact sync is finished, you can enable real-time event sync. The following events are eligible for synchronization for logged-in users:

  • Cart
  • Customer Review
  • Customer Registration
  • Opt-in Status
  • Order Update
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When the real-time event synchronization is activated, and a customer performs an activity on the storefront, the event is recorded and displayed on SAP Emarsys. These events can be used for further processing.

Next, you can synchronize SAP Commerce products to Emarsys. Go to the Products tab and enable Product sync. You have at least one product catalog in SAP Commerce to sync.

Select product catalog and enter product image domain and URL template to match images to product IDs. The currency used in your storefront can be assigned as well. As of now, only one currency is supported in this integration. You can select individual catalogs or use Select All button to include all catalogs for synchronization.

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blog syn-sap-data-to-emarsys

Once the integration is done, you are ready to activate a tactic. You can access SAP Commerce Cloud plugin-related tactics under Automation>Tactics>SAP Customer Experience Tactics. This integration offers real-time customer synchronization for your contacts and real-time event interaction between SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.

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Benefits of Integration

  • SAP Best Practices and Expert Guidance
  • Smooth Onboarding Experience
  • Quick Up-and-Running
  • Seamless Expansion
  • Higher Customer Acquisition
  • Reduces Cart Abandonment
  • Increases Customer Engagement

To summarize, omnichannel marketing helps businesses build a stronger market presence. Royal Cyber offers unique services to unlock the potential of your omnichannel campaigns. With access to insights that can be converted into actionable data and built-in features designed to drive conversions, our experts can assist to optimize your marketing campaigns and boost conversions.

Want to Create Truly Personalized Omnichannel Experiences?

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