All You Need to Know About SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 – Q1 and Q2 Release Highlights


All You Need to Know About SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 - Q1 and Q2 Release Highlights


Written by Poonam Chandersy

Technical Content Writer

September 19, 2023

SAP Commerce Cloud delivered a comprehensive suite of upgraded capabilities in the first and second quarter of 2023. These capabilities enable marketers to take advantage of emerging eCommerce trends while providing customers with personalized shopping experiences at every touchpoint.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some key features in the Q1 and Q2 releases, which will help you enhance customer engagement and increase revenue by leveraging agile marketing and eCommerce solutions.

Q1 Release Highlights

Composable Commerce

To thrive in today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses must be agile and responsive to pivot and adjust quickly to changing customer needs. As a brand, you must deliver seamless and gratifying customer experiences to maintain customer loyalty and drive profitable growth. That’s where Composable Commerce comes in. It helps businesses to:

  • Revolutionize eCommerce strategy by customizing and evolving existing systems.
  • Extend capabilities using modular design and headless architecture to build bespoke solutions that fulfill every requirement.
  • Swiftly achieve goals with industry-specific solutions that tailor services to individual needs.
  • Unify commerce across the organization with integrated technologies for improved end-to-end customer experiences, utilizing SAP and partner solutions.

Composable Storefront

One of the key features of this release is the composable decoupled storefront, which gives businesses the flexibility to create customized experiences for their customers. This means that businesses can easily add and remove functionality as needed, without disrupting the overall system.

  • Display current and future stock status, easy reordering of past orders, and enhanced control over buyer roles.
  • Offer your organization’s order history and configure payment types for seamless B2B transactions.
  • Enhance customer service with Online Ticket Creation and Assisted Service Module, which provides a 360-degree view of customers and their past interactions with the brand.

SAP S/4HANA Integration

SAP S/4HANA integration for B2B enables businesses to streamline B2B processes and reduce data errors. It connects seamlessly to various ERPs from multiple eCommerce stores, streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency. In addition, it reduces the burden on your Customer Service teams with a convenient self-service return feature. You can easily adjust orders with instant data validation and feedback, giving you complete control over your sales. And if you need to cancel orders, you can do so entirely or just specific items.

SAP Order Management

SAP Order Management unifies and orchestrates buying and fulfillment channels to deliver a flawless end-to-end experience for your customers. It offers access to real-time inventory data, insights into all touchpoints from frontend to backend systems, and seamless integration with finance and logistics.

  • Orchestrates sales and gives you a comprehensive view of all individual and downstream order processes.
  • ML-based optimization algorithms ensure optimal inventory availability and sourcing management across all fulfillment locations.
  • The Sales Transfer and Audit feature offers insight-driven visuals to spot errors and AI-based recommendations quickly.
  • Intelligent Return Management guides employees working on reverse logistics and automates decision-making.

Intelligent Selling Services

Intelligent Selling Services attract more customers with innovative engagement strategies and drive better business results. With the ability to analyze customers’ past-purchasing habits and order history, the product recommendation feature recommends “buy it again” products to increase sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, the new dashboards offer valuable insights into merchandising conversion rates, helping you adjust your campaigns for maximum impact.

SAP Emarsys Integration

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement offers real-time customer synchronization, ensuring your customers are always up-to-date and engaged with your brand. It helps you create customized and interactive shopping journeys for your customers to keep them returning. Conversion rates and average order value increase because of targeted marketing communications. Plus, with new B2B account engagement capabilities, you can expand your customer reach like never before.

Blue/Green Deployment

With the Blue/Green deployment, you can take your deployments to the next level. You can test new builds (green) alongside your current live build (blue) – directly in production. It saves you time and helps deploy complex new features, reduces the risk of lost sales during critical sales periods, and cuts down on costly rollbacks caused by differences between Test and Production data or configuration.

Industry Applications

The custom developed accelerators revolutionize processes with industry-specific solutions including Telco, Utilities, Financial Services, and others; thereby enhancing usability and customer experience.

Telco & Utilities

  • Qualification Engine to assess the customer eligibility for commercial product offering purchases.
  • New operations for TM Forum Conformance Certification.

Financial Services

  • Loan page in My Account area and loan calculator.
  • Sales illustration for savings products.
  • On-behalf framework processes.

Cloud Platform (Backup & Recovery)

The backup and restore function with the latest performance enhancements allows you to cancel operations mid-way. You can access configuration files like SSL certs and IP filters by downloading them from the SAP Commerce Cloud Portal. In addition, the HTTP response headers help you modify the network connectivity requirements.

Other Features

  • Search Service (Beta)
  • SAP Master Data Integration Service
  • Platform Observability

Q2 Release Highlights

Enhanced Personalization for Tailored Experiences

One of the standout features of the Q2 ’23 release is the advanced personalization capabilities. Businesses can now craft highly customized shopping experiences by leveraging comprehensive customer data. With deeper insights into customer preferences, behavior, and purchase history, brands can deliver product recommendations that resonate on an individual level. This level of personalization not only boosts conversions but also fosters long-term customer loyalty.

Accelerated Page Load Speeds for Lightning-Fast Shopping

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, every second counts. The Q2 ’23 release introduces significant enhancements in page load speed, ensuring that customers can swiftly navigate through the online store. This optimization is a game-changer, reducing bounce rates and keeping potential buyers engaged. With faster load times, businesses can provide a frictionless shopping experience that sets them apart from the competition.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Applications

Flexibility is key when it comes to managing an eCommerce ecosystem. The Q2 ’23 release simplifies integration with third-party applications, allowing businesses to seamlessly connect with their preferred tools and systems. Whether it’s CRM platforms, payment gateways, or marketing automation software, this release ensures that SAP Commerce Cloud effortlessly fits into existing tech stacks, providing a cohesive and streamlined operational framework.

AI-Driven Customer Support for Exceptional Service

Exceptional customer support is a cornerstone of successful eCommerce ventures. With the Q2 ’23 release, SAP Commerce Cloud introduces AI-powered customer support capabilities. Through intelligent chatbots and automated response systems, businesses can provide round-the-clock assistance, addressing customer queries and concerns in real-time. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also frees up valuable human resources for more complex tasks.

Comprehensive Analytics for Data-Driven Insights

Making informed decisions is crucial in the world of eCommerce. The Q2 ’23 release equips businesses with powerful analytics tools that offer deep insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and operational performance. From conversion rates to inventory management, these analytics empower businesses to refine their strategies, optimize their offerings, and drive sustainable growth.

Enhanced Mobile Experience for On-the-Go Shopping

In an era where mobile commerce is booming, providing a seamless mobile experience is non-negotiable. The Q2 ’23 release of SAP Commerce Cloud includes a range of mobile optimization features, ensuring that customers can browse, shop, and checkout effortlessly on any device. From responsive design elements to intuitive navigation, this release guarantees a consistent and user-friendly experience, regardless of screen size.


SAP Commerce Cloud’s 2211 Q1 and Q2 Releases offer a comprehensive suite of powerful features and enhancements that are designed to help businesses stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. It helps deliver engaging experiences with the best technology integrations. Royal Cyber has strong experience in rolling out the latest SAP Commerce Cloud releases for various clients across the globe, based on detailed analysis. Whether you are looking to increase conversions, improve customer service, or streamline your purchasing process, Royal Cyber can help you achieve your goals.

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