Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Notes – What You Need to Know


Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Notes - What You Need to Know


Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

January 24, 2023

The Salesforce ecosystem keeps rolling out new releases with advanced features and upgrades that help to transform businesses. Salesforce’s Summer ’22 release is equipped with power-packed enhancements to improve user experience, create meaningful engagements, and strengthen customer relationships. This blog provides a comprehensive overview of all the Summer ’22 Release features and how they help to unleash the potential of Salesforce.


The new release uses an advanced Einstein Readiness Assessor to predict Einstein Lead Scoring depending on lead acquisition and conversion metrics, enabling businesses to invest where required. This feature works with Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited.

You can use the Einstein Prediction Builder with a guided setup to create AI-powered predictions, track errors, and optimize data & settings. It also distinguishes the input and output settings that help you figure out how these settings impact prediction models.


Salesforce Scheduler

The Salesforce Scheduler helps to view shift schedules, holidays, and leaves in a calendar format. It is also possible to create, update, duplicate, and manage the time zone that displays these shifts. The Schedule view displays shifts corresponding to the time zone of logged-in users.


The Salesforce Scheduler helps you share service resource availability using a shared URL. For example, users can use Generate Appointment Invitation flow to create invitation URLs and book appointments with Book Appointment from Invitation. Then share appointments automatically with assigned Services Resources to ensure service resources get the right permissions.

Actionable Relationship Center

This helps you to create graphs with standard and custom objects to display customer relationship data to users. It enables businesses to personalize nodes, edit, delete, and create records.


Hyperforce features a modern infrastructure architecture that brings together different clouds. It facilitates easy and secure scaling with the help of public cloud partners to fulfil local data storage needs.


Salesforce Feedback Management

Salesforce Feedback Management helps you include logos, create surveys with matrix questions, personalize ‘Thank You’ page messages, and much more. Adding a logo on surveys creates brand identity and awareness, helps to receive more responses, and increases conversions. In addition, you can create various custom messages in the Survey Builder and specify which message viewers should get depending on their responses.

You can include links to your business website and social media pages on the ‘Thank You’ page to interact with customers once they fill out the survey forms. Take advantage of Sentiment Insights to understand customer responses and help your agents take the right actions.

Slack Apps

The CRM Analytics (available in Beta version) for Slack helps you search and access Slack analytics. You can share CRM Analytics and reports with others to ensure easy collaboration, receive important notifications, and take the required actions. The Salesforce Digital HQ App (Beta) offers a single authentication for all Slack applications and approves requests within a Slack workspace.

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

The new update allows you to add an Interaction Attendee list to Person Accounts and Contacts. This enables users to include Interest Tags to the Interaction Attendee record providing actionable insights into customer interactions. With Interest Tags, users can personalize interaction summaries to find meaningful interactions and strengthen customer relationships.

Updated Product Names

The Salesforce Summer ’22 release has updated the names of its existing products as follows:

High-Velocity Sales (HVS) has been renamed to Sales Engagement

It includes improved chatbot automation features, sales cadences, and customer engagement tracking, to get more leads and convert them.

MyTrailhead has been renamed to Sales Enablement

Use the new options to improve the enablement site experience and meet the training needs of your business.

Marketing Cloud has announced new names for its modules and offerings.

  • Messaging / Journeys has been renamed to Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Interaction Studio has been renamed to Marketing Cloud Personalization
  • Datorama has been renamed to Marketing Cloud Intelligence
  • Salesforce CDP has been renamed to MarketingCloud Customer Data Platform
  • Advertising Studio has been renamed to Marketing Cloud Advertising
  • Pardot has been renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Tableau CRM has been renamed to CRM Analytics.

Personalize and Filter Related Lists

With the new release, you can customize and filter related lists in the Lightning App Builder with the help of Dynamic Related List – Single component. This feature is helpful for use cases such as Opportunities lists or Open and Closed Cases, and eliminates the need to add and configure related lists using Object Page Layouts view.

Custom Address Field

The Custom Address Field (Beta) helps you enhance address data accuracy and finetune user experiences. Enable the State and Country picklists in the Custom Address fields to use them.

Reports and Dashboards

You can restrict the number of rows in a tabular report to find the relevant records and reduce the processing hours. Also, you can filter the report types list in the Create Report window to display reports depending on specific Salesforce Objects. You can use the median function for summary measures in reports and dashboards to select the important statistics for your business.

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