Supercharge Your Sales Team with Salesforce Sales Engagement

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Supercharge Your Sales Team with Salesforce Sales Engagement

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Written by Poonam Chandersy

Technical Content Writer

August 10, 2023

Sales teams need to be agile, responsive, and highly productive to analyze sales leads and convert them. Salesforce Sales Engagement is a powerful tool that helps you streamline your processes, boost productivity, and close deals faster. In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Salesforce Sales Engagement and how it can boost your sales success.

What is Salesforce Sales Engagement?

Salesforce Sales Engagement is a tool designed to help sales teams streamline their processes and work more efficiently. It includes capabilities to manage leads, track customer interactions, and automate tasks such as email and phone outreach. In addition, it eliminates tedious administrative tasks and helps you focus on lead conversion.

Key Features

  • Sales Cadences: Sales cadences are custom sequences of actions that sales representatives take to reach a lead. With customizable sales cadences, sales reps can create a sequence of actions, including email templates, call scripts, and other materials, to ensure consistent and effective messaging to prospects.
  • Lightning Dialer: A built-in phone system allows reps to make and receive calls directly from Salesforce. This cuts down the need to switch between different systems and logs all call activity automatically, freeing up reps to prioritize selling rather than tracking outreach.
  • Email Automation: Email automation enables sales representatives to automatically schedule and send follow-up emails to engage leads, ensuring no leads are missed. With customizable email templates and the ability to track open and click-through rates, reps can optimize email outreach and improve chances of conversions.
  • Lead and Opportunity Management: Capabilities such as lead scoring and prioritization help sales reps focus on leads and convert them. With a comprehensive view of leads and opportunities in one central location, reps can efficiently manage pipelines and track progress toward their goals.
  • Real-time Analytics: It offers real-time analytics and reporting on sales activity, allowing managers to monitor sales activity, track key performance indicators, and identify trends. This data-driven approach empowers managers to make informed decisions and take action to optimize their team’s performance.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Engagement for Businesses

  • Boosts Productivity: Sales Engagement automates repetitive tasks like email and phone outreach, freeing up sales reps to focus on selling and driving higher productivity and revenue.
  • Standardizes Sales Processes: Sales teams can standardize their outreach processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency in their sales approach.
  • Facilitates Data-driven Decision Making: It offers real-time analytics on sales activity, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions about sales processes, identify areas of improvement, and optimize sales performance.
  • Shortens Sales Cycles: Sales Engagement helps teams close deals quickly, resulting in shorter sales cycles and increased revenue by prioritizing leads and automating outreach.

Considerations for Salesforce Sales Engagement

  • Enable Enhanced Email.
  • No support in Experience Cloud sites.
  • Offers support for lead, contact, and person account records.
  • Includes Inbox and Einstein Lead Scoring.
  • Use Sales Dialer as an add-on license with additional charges.
  • Configure settings in the Sales Engagement app directly.
  • Available in sandbox orgs. It is disabled by default in the sandbox. However, if you’re creating a sandbox from a production org with Sales Engagement enabled, enable the product in Setup again.
  • Features such as Salesforce Inbox need users to have Microsoft® Exchange or Gmail™ accounts.
  • Offers analytics reporting in Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition using CRM Analytics platform.

Best Practices for Configuring Salesforce Sales Engagement

  • Define your sales process and map out the steps your sales reps need to take to move leads through the funnel to support your unique sales process.
  • Create customized sales cadences that help you control your outreach’s frequency, channel, and content based on your target audience and their preferred communication channels.
  • Use data to make decisions using real-time sales activity analytics by tracking key metrics such as response and conversion rates.
  • Train your sales team to use the tools’ features and functionalities and the best ways to engage with prospects and convert them.
  • Refine and optimize sales processes based on feedback from your sales team and performance metrics to use the tool effectively and drive better sales results for your business.


By leveraging automation, standardization, and real-time analytics of Salesforce Sales Engagement, sales teams can focus on what they do best – selling, while managers can focus on making data-driven decisions to increase revenue. At Royal Cyber, our certified Salesforce experts are equipped to help businesses amplify sales by implementing Salesforce’s Sales Engagement tool. Contact us to know how we can help you achieve your sales goals.

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