Leveraging Salesforce Interaction Studio to Sync Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds

Written by Rabeea Aqil

Salesforce Architect

While a customer interacts through multiple channels, it is helpful to know the customer activity at every touchpoint through the customer’s journey. It is all about data, and the Salesforce Interaction Studio unifies this customer data in real-time across different channels. This helps to develop customer engagement to the website, thus, increasing the conversion rate with higher customer loyalty.

Consider proposing the customer’s exact needs – the power of Interaction Studio powered by Einstein AI provides a unified profile of every prospect and enables customers with their interests, affinities, and intent—this aids in creating a 1:1 personalization with the customer.

Customer lifecycle plays a vital role in creating a 1:1 personalization experience with the customers or the prospects to increase the conversion rate. The six key stages of the customer path are:

  • Research

  • Discover

  • Validate

  • Onboard

  • Inform

  • Expand

Interaction Studio with Sales and Service Cloud

When utilizing visitor affinities in real-time interactions with the storefront for your website, showing the following product or content increases customer engagement and conversion rate. Interaction Studio makes this data available to the Sales or Service Clouds, considering them as offline systems. This enables the service or sales representatives to make the best appropriate recommendations to the customers or prospects in real-time.

Image: Evergage.com

Use Case

A prospective customer visits an eCommerce store and is looking at hiking shoes. This visitor spends most of the time on long-lasting shoes and the ones that can sustain the harshness of hiking. However, the visitor is only browsing shoes from two brands only.

This visitor reaches out to the sales representative through the chat widget available at the storefront and enquires about the earliest possible delivery date for Brand A and B.

Business Challenge

The visitor is a prospect and not a customer yet. The sales representative has a lot of content produced by the marketing department to convert an opportunity to a customer. Still, the sales representatives are not sure they pitch it to the right people. By understanding the visitor's affinity and by understanding the content viewed by the visitors, the sales team can speed up lead conversion.


Salesforce Interaction Studio unifies and passes customer engagement information to the Sales and Service cloud in real-time, making it easier to represent and enable lead conversion as the relevant data becomes available for recommendations.

Once the visitor ID is available, Einstein Recipe recommendations in collaboration with Service or Sales Cloud can be used for lead conversion processes. The email address or unique visitor ID is acquired as soon as the visitor has engaged with the storefront. Then, the interaction studio binds with the Service and Sales Cloud to provide the interaction profile with the most time spent on the different sections.

In this case, the prospect has browsed the top hiking shoe brands for the longest time, but the candidate is not aware of a high-quality Brand C pair of shoes that is cheaper than Brand A and Brand B, has the highest sale, and a higher number of good reviews.

In this scenario, the Interaction Studio will provide insight and recommendations on screen for this visitor, and sales representation can guide the prospect through it, making it a successful customer for the company.


Keeping the Sales and Service Clouds up to date with the top recommendations is always a good practice. Royal Cyber understands the importance of this and knows just the suitable implementations. So, contact us and learn how our Salesforce experts can help you implement the interaction studio and achieve lead conversions.

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