React SPA for Increased Performance & CX


React SPA for Increased Performance & CX


Written by Trasha Sharma

Content Writer

January 12, 2021

What is SPA?

Single Page Application (SPA) is a web application that does not use the default method of loading new pages completely. Instead, it takes new data from the webserver by interacting with the web browser and refreshes the current web page. HTML5 and AJAX are used to build responsive apps, and for handling the heavy traffic on the client-side, JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, etc are used. SPA provides a huge range of interactions such as interactions and smooth effects, which provide a great user experience. From using less bandwidth to quick loading time, SPAs have become a game-changer in today’s market.


What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a widely used, high-performance library for creating the user interface. It is used in many popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Earlier, the traditional approach was to create applications using server-rendered HTML. Each user interaction would result in generating a new request therefore loading an entirely new page. This resulted in slow loading and hence poor performance and poor customer experience. React uses virtual DOM and this “Virtual DOM” is considered as the biggest benefit of React by the developers but it holds many other benefits too.


Advantages of Using React in SPA for Improved Performance and Customer Experience

1. Performance:

While the previous javascript frameworks like JQuery influenced the HTML documents (DOM) directly when the user tries to interact with the web application, resulting in poor performance, React works with the virtual representation of DOM, and so, when the user interacts with the application, the operations work against the virtual DOM and the changes are directly rendered on the frontend (visible page) and the HTML documents are left untouched, thus achieving high performance.

2. Small-sized library :

Most javascript libraries are inflated with things that are not necessary for the developers, resulting in a greater size of the framework. Whereas, ReactJS is so lightweight that all APIs can be learned in a day.

3. UI components:

The most significant benefit of ReactJS is the components. The user interfaces are created in such a way that it is easy to develop reusable components and test them. The user interface is divided into smaller individual parts so that they are all in their own remote state and therefore testing becomes easier and uncomplicated. The applications have better code coverage and are sturdy. Also, the development times are faster therefore the applications are released quickly.

4. Client-side and server-side rendering:

React is amazing on the client-side but the support it provides on the server-side makes it commendable. Instead of a real browser, React uses virtual DOM and so works perfectly under Node.Js letting client-side and server-side to use the same template.

5. Backed up by strong community:

React is being supported by Facebook and Instagram internal engineering teams plus external experts. React GitHub repository also has over 1100 contributors.

Therefore, ReactJS makes single page application fast, responsive, and user-friendly.

Advantages of Royal Cyber’s SPA for HCL customers

SPAs are all about providing an excellent customer experience with no page reloading and waiting time. HCL customers have also benefited from these SPAs. The major benefits HCL customers noticed while using these SPA are:

First, fast and flexible:

Updating only requires dynamic content, SPA saves a lot of time. This is a huge benefit as it reduces the waiting time for HCL Customers.

Second, caching power:

SPA’s caching ability is a blessing in today’s time where network issues are common. If an HCL Customer has bad internet connectivity, they use SPA offline and then when the connection is resumed again, the customer can go back online.

Third, user-friendly UX:

SPA provides HCL Customers with a brilliant interactive experience using parallax scrolling. With SPAs, scrolling is continuous which makes it perfectly suited for mobile HCL Customers who scroll recurrently.

Why Royal Cyber SPA?

  • Completely independent of the commerce engine
  • Readily available stores, which can be further customize and design if necessary
  • The UI layer is decoupled from the backend system making it more dynamic
  • Light weight as it is built on VUE js
  • REST calls is replaced with GraphQL Technology for improved efficiency and performance
  • Neat, eye catchy and mobile responsive user interface
Interested to know more about Royal Cyber’s SPA and how your business can leverage it for improved performance and customer experience? Contact Us.

Want to escalate your business presence with SPA?

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