What’s New in SAP Commerce Cloud’s 2211 Release?


What’s New in SAP Commerce Cloud’s 2211 Release?


Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

January 18, 2023

SAP Commerce Cloud has introduced its newest release, 2211. This release offers a new set of APIs, a cart library, screen reader, support for PDF and video CMS components, integration of login and registration data from SAP Customer Data Cloud. Read this blog to know the updates SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 release brings to empower you to innovate quickly with a dynamic and composable solution.

Key Features of SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 Release

  • A decoupled and composable Storefront with high agility and flexibility
  • Enhanced B2B configuration controls to deliver a smooth customer experience
  • Robust S/4 HANA integrations for a unified commerce
  • Intelligent Selling Services to boost conversions and Average Order
  • Optimized business tooling with strong accessibility support

S/4HANA Order-to-Cash Integration

With the new release, you can deliver a unified and consistent B2B order-to-cash experience for your customers to enhance sales and customer loyalty. It helps you to leverage existing business processes, including credit limits, price estimations, and inventory availability from your SAP S/4HANA system to deliver a seamless purchase experience. In addition, it displays order schedule lines and offers accurate and up-to-date invoice information to your customers’ accounts. Also, you can unlock self-service orders, re-orders and returns, and connect purchases and returns from different parts of the world to your business.

Backoffice Usability and Accessibility Enhancement

You can deliver a bespoke experience with optimized and accessible business tools that impart flexibility and agility to your business processes. SmartEdit helps you to view UIs easily. The Backoffice features an SAP Fiori Next style experience and distinguishable sensory features. SAP Morning Horizon is the default Backoffice theme; however, you can use the two themes – SAP Quartz Light and SAP Quartz Dark. The User Profile helps you to control Backoffice and change appearance, password, and language settings.

Intelligent Selling Services

SAP Commerce Cloud offers tools to display products that align with buyers’ needs and interests at the right time. With Intelligent Selling Services, you can use AI for context-based product and search recommendation carousels based on search history, thereby increasing average order value.

  • Displays product recommendations based on audience interest using first-party data
  • Creates individualized engagements for your buyers and increased conversions for your business
  • Uses related product data to introduce new products
  • Configures options to deliver product recommendations based on inventory data

API-Enabled Headless Cloud

The SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 release includes new and improved OCC (Omni Channel Connect) APIs that help you to deliver a phenomenal headless experience across all digital channels. These include:

  • Assisted Service Module 360 view – Provides enhanced customer data access for service agents
  • Buy Online, Pick up in Store – Allows buyers to specify their desired store and input pick-up instruction
  • reCAPTCHA – Verifies user authenticity at registration

Composable and Decoupled Storefront

The new release offers SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Storefront, an enterprise product that helps you deliver exceptional experiences. It includes various templates and enhancements for B2B and B2C.

  • Improved architecture that assists coders in creating code with fewer errors
  • Significant enhancements such as Clear Cart, Show Password, and Add to Cart from Carousel to excite users
  • Screen reader and accessibility capabilities that help visually impaired users to locate products
  • Integrates login and registration pages with SAP Customer Data Cloud to customize forms according to needs

Better Security

Maintaining privacy and security of customer data is crucial for quick and efficient deployments. This helps you to create modern storefronts that can be updated quickly, accelerating time to market. Some other major enhancements include:

  • Optimized operational tools to upgrade system administrator experience, get insights, and design mitigation plans for complex issues
  • Lowers the possibility of rollbacks due to variations between live and upgraded deployments, ensuring uptime
  • Design different stores and websites on the same backend with specific permissions. For example: Give distinct permissions for different stores to the same user and limit access to store-aware products depending on the store’s user group
  • Improved accessibility features such as text-alternative concepts and clear labels

B2B Commerce Enhancements

You can scale business models to enhance the efficiency of B2B purchasing processes and deliver the best-in-class B2B buying experience. Recent improvements include a new set of B2B Commerce APIs that give administrators better control of limiting ordering rights and payment options at checkout that can be configured depending on the buyer and their relationship with you. Also, it reduces the total cost of ownership by offering everything you need for successful B2B commerce on the same platform at no additional cost. You can take off out-of-stock products from recommendations to avoid customer frustration and nurture a strong customer relationship. An improved Level 2 PunchOut ensures all the products are easily accessible, increasing traffic to the PunchOut site.

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