Exploring the Future of IBM Technology: Insights from the IBM Technical Exchange Event

Exploring the Future of IBM Technology from the IBM Technical Exchange Event

Exploring the Future of IBM Technology: Insights from the IBM Technical Exchange Event

Exploring the Future of IBM Technology from the IBM Technical Exchange Event
Vijaya Lakshmie

Mainframe Practice Head at Royal Cyber Inc. 

November 3, 2023

On the 1st of Nov, in Chennai, the IBM Technical Exchange event was organized for IBM experts and business partners. This was well organized, and the sessions covered various topics, including Modernization, AI on IBM Z, AIOps, hyperscalers, IBM Z DevOps, and data modernization with hybrid cloud integrations.
In this blog, we have summarized the insights and lessons learned from the event.

IBM watsonx Code Assistant

IBM watsonx code assistant for IBM z is currently converting COBOL to Java with generative AI capabilities. The platform brings together new generative AI capabilities, understands the application, Refactor, and makes the transformation decisions on conversion. While it understands the z application, it converts the cobol variables and functions and converts an Object-oriented form of java classes, with variables, Functions, and getter and setter methods, and then refactors the java function code and does the unit testing on the converted and fully functional converted code as outcome. This tool has a further roadmap and subsequent milestone releases by Dec 2023. IBM offers free access to this platform on IBM Cloud.

Benefits include application modernization with the customer’s choice of language, as modern languages and automated code conversion make this process faster.

Mainframe Modernization with Hyperscalers

Mainframe modernization with a hyperscaler, standard approach, or recommended cloud-specific environment was discussed along with customer success stories, and the business partners were invited as a panel to discuss and share the business partners’ experiences on clients’ modernization approaches and strategies.
Watch our on-demand webinar, where we share insights on achieving mainframe modernization and overcoming the challenges of legacy systems.

IBM Skill Development

Skill development was also addressed by Meredith Stowell, VP of IBM Z Ecosystem, where she introduced the IBM z Student Ambassador Program. This helps the next generation learn about mainframes and kickstart their career in this cutting-edge technology.

We also watched the recent Datathon, where students from reputed colleges participated in the data-based application and used Linux one for AI/ML algorithms on the z with Linux one system. It was amazing to watch the unexplored AI/ML on Z being taken on as a challenge by the students.

Artificial Intelligence on IBM z

There was a session on AI on IBM z, which shared insights such as the adoption of artificial intelligence has doubled since 2017, and z/16 has come out with an integrated accelerated chip for AI, with ONNX format where the deep learning compiler fuses with the AI app into a business application. These infusions have three aspects:
  • Rest PAI endpoint
  • CICS COBOL LINK command with Program ALNSCORE
  • IMS/COBOL with the WOLA app.
This benefits mission-critical applications that work with business intelligence.

IBM z DevOps Transformation

There was an interaction with an expert on IBM z – DevOps transformation on GIT as a widely adopted enterprise SCM, CI/CD with Git workflow, with IBM DBB and WAZI Deploy. There was good interaction with SMEs on the scenarios, and it was well explained and extended support for business partners. Another exciting topic on AIOps was Observability, which proactively detects operational issues and works on the framework of Detect, Decide, and Act (DDA). The expert shared insights on how important this framework is to the DevOps pipeline.

Quantum Safe

Quantum Safe was a newly introduced topic at the exchange. Quantum computers are scaling rapidly today, using qubits instead of bits, which suggests a powerful capacity to solve previously unsolvable problems, meaning the RSA tokens, which are secured with public and private keys, might be broken and easily decrypted with a public key. Data and security are already at risk for Quantum Attacks, which can lead to a situation where the most widely used algorithm can be breached. This opportunity comes as a global challenge since quantum computers will be able to break some of the most widely used security protocols in the world. There was a list of protocols with which secured and unsecured was given and understood as AES 256 while any encryption to be followed on distributed / cloud infrastructure.


In conclusion, this series of sessions helped us better understand the digital transformation journey by comprehensively covering the latest skills, technologies/ tools related to IBM in this event. The event was a comprehensive and enlightening experience, covering various topics related to IBM’s latest technologies and tools. The sessions provided valuable insights and lessons, from AI advancements on IBM z to mainframe modernization with hyperscalers and quantum-safe security considerations.

Royal Cyber is excited to have been part of this event, gaining valuable knowledge and insights that will undoubtedly shape our approach to the latest IBM technologies and tools. As we stay at the forefront of digital transformation, we are committed to leveraging these learnings to provide innovative and secure solutions for our clients and partners.

We look forward to applying our newfound knowledge and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of technology, driven by the advancements discussed at the IBM Technical Exchange event.

Now, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. If you’re looking for cutting-edge technology solutions and a partner at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry, contact Royal Cyber today. Let’s work together to embrace digital transformation and secure the future of your business. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

Harini Krishnamurthy

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