Transforming Mainframe DevOps with GitLab Actions

Transforming Mainframe DevOps with GitLab Actions

Transforming Mainframe DevOps with GitLab Actions

Transforming Mainframe DevOps with GitLab Actions

Vijaya Lakshmie

Mainframe Practice Head

January 31, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, enterprises are constantly seeking ways to enhance collaboration, accelerate delivery, and ensure the reliability of their applications. GitLab, a robust platform that offers a complete DevOps lifecycle, has become a go-to solution for organizations aiming to streamline their development processes. One key feature contributing to this efficiency is GitLab Actions, a robust CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) solution. This blog post will explore how GitLab Actions can be leveraged for Mainframe DevOps, providing a comprehensive overview and insights into its capabilities.

The Mainframe Challenge

Mainframes have long been the backbone of critical business applications, supporting large-scale processing and data management. However, the traditional Mainframe development process is often perceived as slow, rigid, and disconnected from the agile practices embraced by contemporary software development teams. Incorporating DevOps principles into the Mainframe environment is a strategic move to overcome these challenges and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced IT landscape.

Moving away from traditional mainframe development can be a complex task. Watch this video to learn the best practices for mainframe modernization.

GitLab Actions: A Paradigm Shift for Mainframe DevOps

GitLab Actions is a powerful automation tool that enables continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) within the GitLab platform. While initially designed for modern applications, GitLab Actions can seamlessly extend its capabilities to mainframe environments, fostering collaboration, automation, and faster delivery.

Understanding GitLab Actions

GitLab Actions is an integral part of the GitLab platform, designed to automate the software development lifecycle. It enables developers to define, manage, and visualize CI/CD pipelines directly within the same repository as their code. The tight integration with the version control system ensures a seamless experience, promoting collaboration and transparency across the development and operations teams.

Read this blog to learn how revolutionary GitLab is as SCM (Source Code Management).

GitLab Actions Key Features and Benefits for Mainframe DevOps

  • Flexible Workflow Configuration: GitLab Actions allows enterprises to define custom workflows based on their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that diverse projects with unique needs can be accommodated within a unified CI/CD framework.
  • Scalability: As enterprises grow, so do their development and deployment needs. GitLab Actions scales effortlessly to handle the increasing complexity of projects, providing a robust foundation for continuous delivery in large organizations.
  • Containerized Build Environments: DevOps practices often involve working with containerized applications. GitLab Actions supports Docker containers, allowing developers to build, test, and deploy applications consistently across different environments.
  • Integrated Security Scanning: Security is a top concern for enterprises. GitLab Actions integrates seamlessly with GitLab’s security features, enabling automated security scanning during the CI/CD process. This ensures that vulnerabilities are detected early in the development cycle.
  • Artifact Management: GitLab Actions provides a streamlined approach to managing artifacts generated during the CI/CD process. These artifacts, such as compiled binaries or deployment packages, can be stored and versioned within GitLab, simplifying tracking changes and deployments.

GitLab Actions Implementation Best Practices

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Embrace Infrastructure as Code principles by defining your infrastructure configurations in code. GitLab Actions can automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure, promoting consistency and traceability.
  • Parallel Testing: Optimize your testing phase by running tests in parallel. GitLab Actions supports parallel jobs, allowing you to significantly reduce the overall time required for testing, resulting in faster feedback loops.
  • Environment Promotion: Implement a structured environment promotion strategy using GitLab Actions. Define distinct stages in your CI/CD pipeline for development, testing, and production, ensuring a controlled and reliable deployment process.
  • Monitoring and Logging Integration: Integrate monitoring and logging solutions into your CI/CD pipelines through GitLab Actions. This will help you proactively identify and address issues, contributing to the overall stability of your applications.


GitLab Actions empowers enterprises to embrace a DevOps culture by providing a robust CI/CD solution that seamlessly integrates with their development workflows. Its flexibility, scalability, and integrated security features make it a valuable asset for organizations seeking to enhance collaboration, accelerate delivery, and maintain the highest software quality standards. Organizations can pave the way for efficient, automated, and reliable software delivery pipelines by adopting GitLab Actions for Mainframe DevOps, ultimately driving innovation and success in their software development endeavors.

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Harini Krishnamurthy

Usher Mainframe Transformation with GitLab Actions

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