Bridging zDevOps Transformation: Jenkins as CI Tool and GitLab as SCM

Bridging zDevOps Transformation

Bridging zDevOps Transformation: Jenkins as CI Tool and GitLab as SCM

Bridging zDevOps Transformation
Vijaya Lakshmie

Mainframe Practice Head

December 20, 2023

In the fast-paced world of software development, a robust and efficient DevOps transformation is vital to staying ahead of the competition. Bridging the gap between development and operations, zDevOps is a critical approach that Royal Cyber is championing to enhance the software delivery lifecycle. In this blog post, we delve into the integration of Jenkins as a Continuous Integration (CI) tool and GitLab as a Source Code Management (SCM) solution, unravelling the synergies that can propel your zDevOps transformation journey to new heights.

The evolution of zDevOps signifies a monumental shift in mainframe development paradigms, emphasizing agility, collaboration, and automation. Within this transformative journey, the integration of modern tools like Jenkins as a Continuous Integration (CI) tool and GitLab as Source Code Management (SCM) stands as a linchpin, fostering the convergence of mainframe and open system tooling.

Jenkins as a Catalyst for CI

At the heart of CI/CD automation, Jenkins orchestrates a symphony of build, test, and deployment workflows. Its automation prowess and extensibility enable seamless integration between mainframe and open systems, consolidating diverse toolchains into unified pipelines. Jenkins’ plugin ecosystem empowers customization, allowing tailored workflows that accommodate legacy mainframe systems alongside modern open-source technologies.

GitLab Revolutionizing Source Code Management

GitLab’s comprehensive suite of SCM capabilities redefines version control for zDevOps. Beyond its core versioning functionalities, GitLab cultivates collaboration through code reviews, issue tracking, and merge requests. Its robust security measures and compliance frameworks fortify code integrity, ensuring reliability across mainframe and open system environments.

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Synergies Unleashed by Jenkins and GitLab Integration Help Achieve Several Benefits

Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency

  • Unified version control through GitLab fosters cross-platform collaboration, bridging mainframe and open system teams.
  • Jenkins’ automation streamlines CI/CD pipelines, diminishing silos and fostering agile, collaborative development environments.

Accelerated Software Delivery

  • Automated CI/CD workflows expedite software delivery, reducing time-to-market across diverse platforms.
  • Continuous testing and integration ensure higher quality releases, bolstering reliability and user satisfaction.

Visibility and Traceability Amplified

  • Jenkins’ comprehensive monitoring and reporting provide real-time insights into development lifecycles, enhancing visibility.
  • GitLab’s version control facilitates meticulous tracking of code changes and their impact, ensuring traceability.

Navigating Challenges in Jenkins-GitLab Integration

  • Legacy Integration Hurdles: Integrating legacy mainframe systems into modern CI/CD workflows demands expertise and tailored plugins for seamless integration.
  • Security and Compliance Measures: Implementing robust security measures and access controls across diverse systems requires meticulous planning and execution.
  • Tool Adoption and Skill Set Transition: Efficient tool adoption necessitates comprehensive training and documentation to empower teams in leveraging the full potential of Jenkins and GitLab
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Accelerate zDevOps Transformation with Royal Cyber

The amalgamation of Jenkins and GitLab epitomizes a pivotal milestone in zDevOps transformation, knitting together mainframe and open system tooling landscapes. This integration propels organizations towards agile, collaborative, and efficient software delivery. Strategic implementation, fortified by comprehensive planning and continual optimization, amplifies the transformative potential of these tools in the zDevOps realm.

In the continuum of zDevOps evolution, Jenkins and GitLab emerge as tools and catalytic enablers fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and relentless progression across mainframe and open system domains.


In conclusion, Royal Cyber’s advocacy for a zDevOps transformation, fueled by the integration of Jenkins CI and GitLab SCM, positions organizations for success in the ever-evolving software landscape. By breaking down silos, automating processes, and fostering collaboration, Royal Cyber empowers clients to achieve faster, more reliable software delivery

Embrace the future of zDevOps with Royal Cyber – where innovation meets efficiency and collaboration paves the way for continuous improvement. Let the integration of Jenkins and GitLab be your catalyst for unparalleled success in software development.

Next Steps for zDevOps Transformation

As you embark on your zDevOps transformation, seize the opportunity to unlock unprecedented efficiency and innovation with Royal Cyber. Our proven expertise in integrating Jenkins as a CI tool and GitLab as an SCM solution has propelled numerous organizations toward seamless, accelerated software delivery.

Contact Royal Cyber today to:
  • Schedule a Consultation: Let our experts assess your current processes and tailor a zDevOps strategy that aligns with your unique needs.
  • Explore Our Success Stories: Dive into case studies showcasing how Royal Cyber’s integration solutions have transformed businesses.
  • Begin Your zDevOps Journey: Partner with us to implement a customized Jenkins-GitLab integration, paving the way for continuous improvement and innovation.

Innovate confidently, streamline your software delivery lifecycle, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Royal Cyber is your trusted partner for a successful zDevOps transformation – where excellence meets experience. Contact us now and revolutionize your approach to software development!


Harini Krishnamurthy

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