Creating Multilingual Emails with Adobe Campaign Standard

blog creating-multilingual-emails-with-adobe-campaign-standard

Creating Multilingual Emails with Adobe Campaign Standard

blog Multilingual-Emails-with-Adobe-Campaign

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

June 2, 2023

According to CSA research, 75% of shoppers prefer to buy products from a website that displays information in their native language. Also, around 40% of them don’t buy from websites in non-native languages. Considering the survey results, it’s evident that localizing your website and product information is the key to selling more to global customers. In addition, localization drives a better customer experience and boosts engagement with your brand by improving email campaign effectiveness.

Read this blog to discover how to create multilingual emails tailored to the recipients’ language preferences using Adobe Campaign Standard.

What is Adobe Campaign Standard?

Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS) is a marketing automation platform that offers capabilities for cross-channel campaign management. It helps you use customer data to create, control, and run campaigns across diverse channels – email, mobile, and more.

Adobe Campaign Standard optimizes multilingual email campaigning by:

  • Offering automated segmentation based on the profile’s preferred language
  • Showcasing a full view of each language when editing the message
  • Supporting transactional messages for multilingual delivery

Importance of Multilingual Emails

Reach a Global Audience

Multilingual emails enable you to reach a broader audience across different countries and regions. By sending emails in the recipient’s preferred language, you can break down language barriers and ensure your message is understood and well-received.

Build Trust and Credibility

When you communicate with someone in their language, you indicate that you understand and respect their culture and values. This can help build trust and credibility with your audience, which is critical to establishing long-term relationships.

Increase Engagement and Conversion

Sending emails in multiple languages can boost engagement rates because recipients are more likely to engage with relevant content. By providing relevant content in their preferred language, you can increase the likelihood that recipients will open and read your emails, click on links, and take other desired actions, boosting conversion.

Expand Your Market

Multilingual emails can help you tap into new markets and expand your reach. By communicating with customers and prospects in their language, you can better understand their needs and preferences and tailor your offerings accordingly.

Now we’ll talk about creating multilingual emails and templates.

Creating a Multilingual Email

Adobe Campaign simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly send emails and SMS messages in your customers’ preferred language. It helps you streamline communication and reach your audience in a more personalized and impactful manner, eliminating tedious manual translations.

When you send multilingual emails to people in different languages, each person will get a variant of the email in the language of their choice.

So, if you have a multilingual email template ready, just follow the steps below to create a multilingual email:

  1. Create a new email for a multilingual template.
blog create-a-new-email
  1. Specify the properties and target audience.
  2. Specify the variants. If the template has valid parameters, proceed by clicking on Create.
blog clicking-on-create

You can also include variants by clicking the Add an Element button. Don’t delete the default variant. Variants are selected based on the profile’s preferred language.

  1. Verify email creation. An email dashboard will appear.
  2. Specify the email content for all variants. You can specify subjects, recipients’ names, and content based on the template.
  3. Test and confirm the message.
  4. Click on Send after confirmation to schedule a send.
  5. Now, you can check the email logs to check the email campaign’s performance.

Creating a Multilingual Message Template

A multilingual message template manages multilingual messages in email and SMS messages. Variants represent languages. Whether you’re running a workflow, issuing a recurring delivery, or operating in standalone mode, multilingual templates can help streamline your messages. With up to 40 language variants available, you can easily manage a variety of languages and reach a wider audience.

Adobe Campaign has EN as its default language, which can be modified however should always be retained.

  1. Replicate an existing multilingual template.
  2. Change the properties.
  3. Click on the variants tile to change the number of variants, the variants window appears. To include a variant, complete the New Content variant.
  4. Personalize the label variant if you want and click Confirm.
  5. Add the content for all variants.

Hope that helps you create multilingual emails and templates easily.

How Multilingual Emails help Businesses Grow?

blog businesses-grow

The above report reveals all the languages used for content as of January 2023. By using multilingual content, you can target SEO keywords in multiple languages. Localized sales funnels and currencies drive-up conversions making it easier for potential clients to complete purchases.

Essential Tips for Localizing Emails

  • Translating content into multiple languages can be difficult while maintaining its original meaning and impact. Therefore, it is critical to seek assistance of skilled translators who understand the source and target languages and cultures.
  • Understand the cultural context and preferences of target audience to ensure an appropriate and effective tone of voice.
  • Respect cultural differences and sensitivities of each target audience. Acknowledge these differences and adjust marketing messages accordingly.


Multilingual emails help businesses translate their content to preferred languages and deliver a personalized user experience, thereby increasing the probability of more sales. With Adobe Campaign Standard, you can tailor email campaigns, irrespective of the language—and reach customers all around the globe. If you’re looking for assistance with multilingual emails or localization services, contact Royal Cyber. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure your products and services are accurately translated and localized helping your brand reach its full potential.

Want to Benefit from Multilingual Emails?

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