B2B Features in Adobe Enterprise Edition of Adobe Commerce Cloud

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B2B Features in Adobe Enterprise Edition of Adobe Commerce Cloud


Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

June 15, 2023

Adobe Commerce’s integrated B2B solution caters to the unique needs of businesses with complex organizational structures and multiple user roles. The B2B extension lets you personalize the buying experience with customer-specific catalogs, pricing, and promotions. Read this blog to discover the features that B2B for Adobe Commerce brings for businesses to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Company Accounts

Combining B2B company accounts allows businesses to create multiple sub-accounts with permissions depending on their roles in the company. Administrators can modify promotions and prices and offer personalized offers catering to customers’ needs. Associating a company account with an individual customer account enables customers to use company purchasing workflows. Enabling company accounts displays Pay on Account, allowing purchasing on the company credit line. Company accounts offer the following benefits:

  • Provides multiple company users and the ability to create additional accounts to streamline corporate purchases.
  • Supports smart company account hierarchies with multiple roles and permissions.
  • Offers company store credit as a payment mode.

Shared Catalogs

Adobe Commerce for B2B allows you to maintain shared catalogs with custom product prices. This helps you sell products by specifying different pricing for different product groups. When you enable Shared Catalog feature, the original primary catalog is visible from the Admin. However, the public shared catalog is accessible from the storefront only. It is empty by default; therefore, you must add products. Also, you can create custom catalogs that are visible to users of company accounts. The Shared Catalogs page handles all your catalog management needs with advanced filtering options and intuitive action controls. It reduces the hassle of manually managing your catalogs.


Services can be defined as hosted services that enhance Adobe Commerce capabilities. Some services that work well with B2B workflows are Live Search, Product Recommendations, and Catalog Service.

Negotiated Quotes

The negotiated quotes enable verified shoppers to start price negotiation directly from the shopping cart. The Admin’s Quotes grid allows easy tracking and storing of all negotiations and communication between buyer and seller. Use the standard workout controls to change column layout, export data, and filter lists. When you enable quotes in the configuration, the buyer can begin negotiation by submitting a negotiation request as per the following workflow:

  • The shopper requests a quote
  • The seller views the requests and responds
  • The buyer receives the response
  • The buyer accepts the quote

Quick Orders

Whether you know the product name or SKU, the Quick Order form makes the ordering process simple without endless scrolling or searching through product pages. You can enter multiple SKUs manually or import them directly into the form. Plus, Quick Order is available for logged-in customers and guests so everyone can benefit from its convenience. Once enabled, the feature appears at the top of the page adjacent to the customer’s name.

Purchase Order Approvals

Purchase orders enable businesses to track and control expenses. When you enable Purchase Orders, all orders automatically become Purchase Orders. These POs can be created, modified, or deleted by authorized users. These users need to follow specific approval rules based on their roles. Payment methods either offline or online also affect the flow. Admins can bypass approval rules to prevent security risks while storing online payment details. Once the purchase order is confirmed, the details can be included.

blog purchase-order-approvals

Requisition List

The requisition list automatically adds frequently ordered products to the shopping cart. It can be accessed by both logged-in users and guests. It is possible for buyers to create lists containing products from different retailers or campaigns. You can maintain 999 requisition lists for one customer account.

Advanced Search Capabilities

With search filters and faceted search, customers can quickly refine their search results based on specific criteria, such as price range, brand, product category, and more. Adobe Commerce B2B features also include support for multiple search languages and search synonyms, enabling customers to search for products using terms most familiar to them.

Integration with other Adobe products

The integration of Adobe Commerce Cloud with Adobe’s suite of products allows businesses to leverage their full potential and enhance digital commerce capabilities. For example, businesses can use Adobe Analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can help them tailor marketing campaigns and improve product offerings. Also, they can use Adobe Marketing Cloud to automate marketing processes and personalize customer interactions.

Multi-store Capabilities

Multi-store capabilities allow businesses to manage multiple stores on a single platform. This offers businesses a range of benefits, including streamlined operations, reduced costs, and increased agility. Also, they can easily track sales and inventory levels, optimize pricing strategies, and quickly make changes across all stores.


Adobe Commerce’s B2B extension caters to the unique needs of businesses with multiple user roles. It allows them to personalize the buying experience for their customers with specific catalogs, pricing, and promotional offers. Royal Cyber has been helping businesses develop custom eCommerce solutions and optimize processes to drive significant growth. We’ll help you get started with the unique flexible approach of Adobe Commerce B2B.

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