Why your Business Needs a Chatbot & AI?

AI and Chatbots are transforming the customer experience. Customers are ready for ChatBots, and the technology is here to take advantage of Chabot’s potential and forever change how businesses engage.

To increase awareness and provide clarity on this booming industry, Royal Cyber is hosting a webinar, covering everything about deploying Chatbots for business.

Join us to learn:
How ChatBots can improve customer loyalty and increase revenue?
What are the challenges and pitfalls with building bots?
How they can work in tandem with your existing technology?
Speaker Profile:
Mr. Satish Asapu (Chief Technology Officer)
Mr. Satish Asapu
Chief Technology Officer

Satish is a seasoned technology expert in an organizational leadership role with over 16 years of experience. Satish has expertise in creating world-class global product engineering organizations. He has successfully delivered products through deep understanding of the domain, technology, customer ecosystem and life cycle of product development.

Mr. Hashim
Senior Technology Manager

Hashim is a Senior Technology Manager with over 16 years of experience in Software Engineering from Software Design and Development, QA, Automation and Information Assurance. Hashim has expertise in creating and managing new technology products and delivering Mission-Critical software solutions for global markets and has a passion towards Machine Learning and AI.

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