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Unleash the Flexibility of eCommerce Investments with the YOC Accelerator

Are you finding it challenging to Modernize your eCommerce Business?

If you are stuck with a monolith application or platform and looking to provide better experiences to your customers, then Your Own Commerce (YOC) is the best solution for you.

This future-forward accelerator allows businesses to decouple components of the existing eCommerce platform such as storefront, search, payment, order management, and back-end commerce, among many others, to loosely connected sub systems. It also enables businesses to promptly plug in and out of crucial integrations using a business dashboard with just a click of a button. This allows better performance for customers and makes it highly scalable, both horizontally and vertically.

With a Single-Page Application (SPA) and Middleware that speed up time to market, Your Own Commerce benefits organizations operating in the B2B and B2C eCommerce space by adopting microservices that are a powerful method to boost an omnichannel strategy.

Join us for this webinar as we showcase Royal Cyber’s unique product offering that provides enhanced performances and ETL capabilities at a minimal cost.

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Join this webinar and gain insights on:
  • Introduction to Your Own Commerce
  • Features of Your Own Commerce
  • Integration with Your Existing eCommerce Setup
  • Benefits of Your Own Commerce
  • Question & Answer Session
Akhil Pathania

Akhil Pathania

Assistant Vice President, Digital Commerce
at Royal Cyber Inc.

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