The rise of Cognitive Agents ChatBot Solution

ChatBotIncrease user engagement, acquisition, and monetization through actionable analytics. It is built to perform a significant role in customer satisfaction. The ability to understand what works to upsurge customer conversions and create a better user experience.

Royal Cyber has built a solution integrating Chatbot with analytics, a customer experience analytics tool for bots. This solution works for completely unknown visitors by instantly engaging when it matters most, within the current session from abandoning and improving conversion and customer satisfaction.

Join us in this webinar to learn:
Real-time re-engagement for each and every struggles
Improve conversion and engagement satisfaction
Seamless transfer chat to call  for complex issues or struggles
Speaker Profile:
Akhil Pathania
VP Solutions Commerce

Akhil Pathania is VP Commerce Solution, with over 13 years of industry experience; a competitive, customer-focused product marketing, account management, and technical sales professional with a passion for solving business challenges through technology-based solutions and building quality relationships along the way.

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