Simplify The QA Process with Royal Cyber Test Automation Framework (TEAF)

performance testingWith Emerging Technologies and tactical analysis on the growth of prospects and challenges in test automation in the market, Royal Cyber approach is likely to guide our customer in reaping tangible & invaluable benefits in terms of time saved, reduced effort & overall helped set up a high-quality QA system that’s unparalleled in the industry.

Using Royal Cyber TEAF, we aim to simplify the QA process for 100% transparency & thereby achieve an efficient and reliable set of processes that help QA teams perform at very high efficiency and ultimately deliver high-quality products.

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Usual Challenges in End to End Automation
Codeless Scripting
End to end functional automation
End to end Automated UI Validation
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Speaker Profile:
Chandan Navara
QA Delivery Manager

Chandan has 13 years of experience in several walks of Software QA such as Automated test design & implementation for Functional, SOA & Testing Center of Excellence activities. He spearheads the various Testing solutions provided by Royal Cyber.

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