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Improving Performance of SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) Site

SAP Commerce Cloud

Performance Enhancement

Meet your Target KPIs & ROI

Often performance issues are overlooked/underestimated. The fact is, performance is directly related to the conversion rate (revenue) of the site.

Several researches say when the performance is not good, a considerable number of users drop from using the site. Every second of improvement in load time decreases the bounce rate by 7-10%, increases conversion by 7-10%, and increases user engagement by 10%.

An Ecommerce site with good performance makes the users explore/navigate more pages, which in turn creates an opportunity to get orders from the users.

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In this webinar we would be discussing:
  • Importance of website performance

  • Standard processes to narrow down and solve the performance issues
  • Royal Cyber custom strategies for performance improvement
  • End result in live site
Jaganathan Sadasivan

Jaganathan Sadasivan

Performance architect & Sr. Ecommerce administrator
Jaganathan Sadasivan is a Performance Architect and Sr. Ecommerce administrator for SAP Commerce (Hybris) and HCL Commerce. He has 16+ years of experience in information technology, and 8+ years of experience in handling performance and administration of Ecommerce sites for multiple websites.
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