Client’s Success Story – Augusta Sportswear Brands
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Better Sales Conversion and Customer Engagement Through 3D Product Visualization

Augusta Webinar

Superior Customer Experience

Interactive 3D View and Personalization

Being the technology partner of Augusta Sportswear Brands, Royal Cyber partook in its mission to deliver a superior, personalized shopping experience to its customers. Royal Cyber’s 3D Product Configurator was seamlessly and coherently integrated with HCL Commerce V8 (ASB’s ecommerce platform), which proved to be a game-changer for Augusta Sportswear Brands.

Know how our award-winning solution – 3D Product Configurator with features such as 360° view, 3D view, and product visualization played an integral part in enhancing customer shopping experience, helping ASB remain on par with their competitors.

Join us to learn also about the new features of HCL Commerce V9.1 and the future roadmap of Commerce, and how businesses can leverage the latest and improved features of HCL Commerce V9.1.x to enhance buying experience and boost conversions, while adapting to the new normal.

We will be joined by Debee Khadanga from Augusta Sportswear Brands and Brian Gillespie from HCL. The webinar will be hosted by Balamurugan Sethuraman from Royal Cyber.

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Join us to learn:
  • About Augusta Sportswear Brands
  • Market Demands & Competitor Analysis
  • Challenges in the Configuration Process
  • What ASB Needed to Mitigate?
  • Roadmap Towards 3D & Web2Print
  • Royal Cyber’s Technical Solution
  • New Implementations & Enhancements to the Existing Process
  • Royal Cyber’s Product Configurator Implementation
  • Benefits to Business
  • HCL V9.1 Features
  • HCL’s Position in 2020 and How it is Capturing the Market

Guest SpeakerDebee Khadanga

Director of Ecommerce Systems,
Augusta Sportswear Brands

Guest SpeakerBrian Gillespie

Director, Product Management – Commerce,

Hosted byBalamurugan Sethuraman

Architect- Digital Commerce, Royal Cyber
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